tirsdag den 6. oktober 2009

Poetry has traditionally enjoyed a privileged position within literary studies in grade school, upper secondary school, and at the universities. Even though literature departments at many universities today seem to embrace issues of multiculturalism and globalization, the production of poetry proliferates.
The aim of this seminar is threefold, inquiring into what kind of poetry is written today and how is it distributed? Which reading strategies are productive when approaching contemporary as well as canonical poetry? And finally, what is the specific force of poetry, and what will be missed in its absence?
Dinstinguished scholars from various countries and disciplines have been invited to reflect on these pivotal matters.
Participants: Charles Bernstein (University of Pennsylvania), Jean-Marie Gleize (Université d'Aix-en-Provence), Frank Kjørup (Københavns Universitet), Eva Müller-Zettelmann (University of Vienna), Lis Møller (Aarhus Universitet), Audun Lindholm (Norge), Marianne Ping Huang (Københavns Universitet) & Dominic Rainsford (Aarhus Universitet).
Poetry Today is a collaboration between The Nordic Department, The Department of Language, Literature and Culture, The Department of Aesthetic Studies, The Doctoral School in Arts and Aesthetics, as well as Verbale Pupilller>>.
Aarhus Universitet, Nobelparken, Bygn. 1451, lokale 120 (Jens Chr. Skous Vej 5)